You know you’re a RainReady veteran. . .

Whether it’s one episode, or an ongoing saga of flood damage, you know you’re a RainReady veteran if…

1) You check the weather, then yell to your family, “Storm alert! Get your clothes off the basement floor before the downpour starts! “

2) When you lose electric power during the storm, you instantly hear a familiar humming noise: the sound of backup generators keeping everybody’s sump pumps running.

3) Later, you proudly invite everyone over for a tour of your latest home renovation project, which is a brand new sewage-backup-prevention system.

4) The fall season is coming to a close, so you enjoy hot mulled cider, apple pie, and raking leaves away from the sump pump and storm drains.

5) You go to a party to celebrate the end of the year, and come home with swag that says, “RainReady.”

Thanks for a great opportunity to share ideas at the end-of-year party.

Looking forward to future collaborations and more blogging in 2016, when the spring rainy season returns.

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