UPDATE: Wilmette Board Orders Review of Storm Sewer Proposal

On October 20, the Wilmette Village Board decided on the next step for managing stormwater in westside Wilmette.

The board directed Wilmette village staff to hire a third-party engineering consultant to review the proposed Option 1 Storm Sewer Improvement project.

The goals for the review are summarized in the next slide:

Goals for Review of Storm Sewer Proposal

Goals reviewing the Option 1 Storm Sewer Upgrade (Village of Wilmette, 2016 Capital Planning Workshop for Sewers Roads Facilities Water, slide 4, October 2016).

During the meeting, the board emphasized that no final decision has been made about the project, and they are still open to community input.

During the public comment portion of the event, about 20-30 westside residents spoke in favor of the westside storm sewer upgrade. Only a few people objected to the project’s estimated cost.

In fact, several residents were concerned that the project did not go far enough. Option 1 is designed to reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of westside flooding. But it would only clear runoff for a 10-year rain event, not a so-called 100-year storm. Since we are experiencing increasingly intense rainfall, caused by climate change, it seems valid to raise concerns about infrastructure capacity.

Village staff expected the engineering review to cost $120,000, with results available next summer. This adds almost a year to the project timetable, should a project ever be approved by the board.


Read the Village of Wilmette, 2016 Capital Planning Workshop for Sewers Roads Facilities Water, October 2016.

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