UPDATE: Join the Debate on Improvements for Wilmette’s Storm Sewers!

Should Wilmette have storm sewers that work?

UPDATE: The village will be debating that question this Thursday, September 24, at an Open House (6 pm) and Municipal Services Committee meeting (7 pm). You are invited to bring your questions and comments to both parts of this event!

Map of reported street flooding, April 2013.

Map of reported street flooding, April 2013.

Source: The Village of Wilmette Engineering Dept., Separate Storm Sewer Study Final Presentation, by Brigitte Berger (January 2015), p 8.

Last January, a study by Burke Engineering found that streets and homes west of Ridge Road are flooding every couple of years because there are not enough storm sewer pipes, of large enough diameter, to clear the stormwater.

After getting a little more engineering information, the Wilmette Village Board will decide whether, and how, the storm sewers should be fixed. Attacking the problem directly will require installation of more, and larger-diameter, trunk and lateral lines on the west side. Other options are also under consideration.

If you live, work, or invest in Wilmette, now is the time to voice your opinion about capital improvement projects for the storm sewer system.

Learn About Storm Sewer Issues and Options

UPDATE: To educate yourself on the issues, check out these online resources:

UPDATE: Can’t attend the meeting? There’s Still Time to Email a Wilmette Trustee

Tell your representatives that Wilmette needs a functional storm sewer. Send an email to a member of the Municipal Services Committee before the storm sewer meeting, so your email will be officially recorded and counted as input!

  • Email Trustee Cameron Krueger, Chair of the Municipal Services Committee.
  • Or email one of the other Municipal Services Committee members: Trustee Julie Wolf or Trustee Dan Sullivan.

In your email:

  • Include “storm sewer improvements” in the subject heading.
  • Provide your name and address.
  • Review your past issues and concerns about flooding.
  • Lobby for effective storm sewer improvement.

UPDATE: You’re Invited!
Attend the Storm Sewer Open House and Meeting
Thursday, September 24, Wilmette Village Hall, at 6:00 PM

  • Village staff and Burke Engineering will host an Open House, 6-7 PM.
  • The public is invited to comment–that’s us!
  • Bring your questions, issues, and opinions on storm sewer improvement.
  • At 7 PM, the Municipal Services Committee will hold their public meeting to decide what sort of investment (if any) to make in the storm sewers. The public may comment during this portion of the event, as well.

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Final Steps

The Municipal Services Committee will forward its storm sewer improvement plan (if any) to the village board for final approval.

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