Stormwater Project: Cautiously Optimistic Update

Construction on the Neighborhood Stormwater Project (NSP) started last spring, as anyone in the affected neighborhoods knows, having dealt with the dust and detours, as well as the constant “beep beep” warning sound of the construction vehicles.

Good news! The first phase is almost complete, on time and under budget!

Village Report on NSP

At last week’s Wilmette Village Board meeting, we heard from Brigitte Berger-Raish, P.E., Director of Engineering and Public Works.

She delivered a presentation on NSP, which included this overview map of the three-phase project:

Click for Full-Sized Neighborhood Storage Project Update Map. (Village of Wilmette, 2020)

The current status of phased construction is:

  • Phase 1/1A: Reported to be 90-95% Complete
  • Phase 2: Currently in Final Planning
  • Phase 3: Initial Planning Completed

Phase 1A Progress Report

For Phase 1A, the latest report from the village shows that almost all the “to do” items are complete. This slide summarizes the work:

Phase 1 Progress Report

For Phase 1, the latest report from the village shows that almost all the “to do” items are complete. This slide summarizes the work:

Integration of Infrastructure Projects

For those of us who are not into engineering details, one thing we discovered during the first phases of construction is that the village has wisely leveraged the project in a cost-effective way to complete related or adjacent infrastructure projects.

For example, previously planned road resurfacing, much needed sewer repairs, and water main upgrades have occurred within and adjacent to Phase 1A/1 construction areas.

After experiencing all the dust and noise of construction, it’s obvious that it’s far better to tear up our streets once for everything, rather than fix things one infrastructure system at time…

Once Phase 1A/1 are complete and the landscaping is restored, superficially at least, the results will be sort of underwhelming.

Just a typical village scene…

But I’m cautiously optimistic that this project will provide significant relief from frequent low-level flooding in the stormwater basin it serves.


Wilmette Village Board Agenda Packet-07-28-20

Wilmette Village Board Meeting Summary 07-28-20

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