Tour the Eastside Relief Sewer

Eastside Relief Sewer

  • Location: East of Ridge Road.
  • History: Installed in 1990s – 2000s.

System For:

Local overflows from the combined sewer, consisting of:

Weather-Rain-icon from iconarchive dot comStorm runoff

Household-Toilet-Pan-icon from iconarchive dot comDomestic sewage

icon copyright Johavel/ShutterstockIndustrial/commercial wastewater

Relief Sewer Specs:

  • Relief sewers are installed below the combined sewers to collect local overflows.
  • The relief overflows go directly to an MWRD backup tunnel (TARP).
  • Eventually, MWRD treats the wastewater and discharges it into the Chicago River.

Relief Sewer Issues / Projects:

  • The whole system is less than 20 years old.
  • Works with the combined sewer to help manage stormwater issues.
  • According to the Wilmette Public Works Dept. 2014 Annual Report, instead of getting approval for “one large, multi-million dollar project, the relief sewers are being installed in conjunction with our road program over several years.”
  • Expected completion in 2018.
  • Adding the relief sewer will help Wilmette comply with the Clean Water Act and IEPA regulations by reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

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