Got Questions?

Whenever I have a discussion about flooding or sewer projects in Wilmette, it seems like the conversation always ends with more questions than answers…

So if you, too, have found yourself confused or frustrated, I invite you to submit your questions, rumors you’ve heard, suggestions for blog topics, or useful links.

I plan to research and blog about the following topics:

  • Local flooding issues, health and water quality issues
  • Wilmette sewers, sewer maintenance, and improvements
  • Cost-benefit analysis and funding for sewer projects
  • Options for individual property owners
  • Environmental impacts and solutions
  • Community planning and community development impacts and solutions
  • Responsibilities of the village vs. individual property owners

A Few Questions to Get Started…

What’s the big dig at West Park?

Here’s the quick answer:
See the post about the West Park Tank.

Research and more info coming soon…


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